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Established in 2005, Pablo is an exhibition space focusing on both local and foreign contemporary art. The gallery aims to foster creative synergies and initiate interactions among the artists and the public audience. Pablo offers a platform that explores contemporary art’s multiplicity and diverse applications.

Post – In 2013, Post Gallery took over the original place where Pablo was born- Cubao X, Quezon City. Today, the space serves as an alternative venue for upcoming artists to exhibit their works. Post also features other art, music, and interactive events on a regular basis.


In this time of pandemics, quarantines, and lockdowns, art galleries need to find new ways of bringing art to the people — after all, a gallery needs people as much as it needs art. As a way of adapting to this new normal, Pablo V and Post V are launched. The virtual galleries were developed by Acid House, and add a visceral, immersive quality to the exhibit experience. 


Both Pablo V and Post V continue the precedents set by their respective galleries — Pablo V will showcase more established artists, while Post V will serve as a launching pad for emerging talents. More importantly, they will give art lovers the opportunity to experience art unencumbered by the physical limits brought about by the pandemic.   


These virtual galleries will be malleable, and able to exhibit a wide range of artworks, from traditional to multimedia. Even before the creation of these virtual platforms, Pablo Gallery has embraced multimedia art. Pablo V and Post V will be the ideal venues for both traditional and non-traditional media. 

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